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What is a vibrating wand?

Unlike models that are inserted into the vagina or anus, the vibrating wand is particularly designed for massage; So it’s up to you to give free rein to your desires! Use your vibrating magic wand to pamper your body or that of your partner. Not only does it apply to your sensitive areas, such as your nipples or neck, but this toy can also be used as a clitoris vibrator!

Which model to choose?

The sex toy you choose depends entirely on your personal preferences. A large vibrator of this type is very popular, but our store also offers more compact models. These reduced versions are particularly practical to take with you when traveling or even to work. So you always have an electronic toy at hand to enjoy a moment of personal relaxation.

Do you know if the vibrator is in use?

The intensive vibrations it generates may be too strong for beginners. However, women who have difficulty reaching orgasm may benefit from using these powerful vibrations.

In addition, there are many wand vibrator accessories available for your wand vibrator. These accessories add new dimensions to your experience with your favorite toy. Some are designed to stimulate the G-spot or even the P-spot. It is even possible to transform your wand vibrator into a masturbator using these accessories.

Who should buy a vibrating wand?

We highly recommend beginners as well as experienced sex toy users to try the vibrating wand. For hygiene reasons, it is essential to clean this toy after each use. For this, you can choose a toy cleaner from the wide selection we offer.