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Slip vibrators: Increase your pleasure

A panty vibrator for a naughty night

Have you ever thought about what it feels like to wear a panty vibrator when you're out in public? How do you think it feels when you're the only one who knows that you're carrying such a cheeky item? We can promise you that this will definitely be an exciting and tingling experience that you will want to repeat again and again.

With a butterfly vibrator you can experience what it feels like to be stimulated and satisfied in a discreet way that can take your night to new and magical heights. You'll find out how much self-control you need to hold back orgasm as the intense vibrations stimulate your clitoris. Your cheeks will become warm and your breathing may become quicker. It will undoubtedly be an experience you will remember for a long time.

Try the panty vibrator with a partner

Wearing a panty vibrator can be exciting for more than just you. It can be incredibly arousing to a partner if they know you're wearing one, whether at home or in public. Your partner can watch you while you're wearing it and see how you become more and more aroused over time.

You can use these types of vibrators as part of naughty foreplay, such as when you go out to dinner together or even just take a short walk before coming home and jumping straight into bed. This is without a doubt the perfect start to a night of fun.

Some of the panty vibrators can even be controlled via a wireless remote control or an app on your cell phone. This means your partner can take control of the vibrations and determine the level of stimulation themselves. You are sure to experience an exciting foreplay where your partner can stimulate you to the extreme.

Many different variants

At lifesextoy you will find a wide range of different types of butterfly vibrators at different prices. They can all offer you an incredibly stimulating, naughty, fun and provocative experience. Wear them for your own pleasure or as part of playful foreplay with a partner.

You can find panty vibrators in different colors and styles. This way you can also find the perfect model for you. Also take a look at our selection of vibrating love eggs, which are also designed to give you discreet and teasing pleasure.

If, in addition to a panty vibrator, you are looking for other sex toys with which you can spice up your sex life, we offer you a large selection of different types here in our shop. Whether you're looking for a new dildo, sexy underwear or maybe even a mini vibrator, you'll find it here. Browse through our many categories and treat yourself to some new and exciting toys that will give you many great and stimulating moments. And if you are interested in other types of stimulating panties, feel free to read our blog post about pearl panties.