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What is a vibrating butt plug?

A vibrating anal plug is a popular variant of the classic anal plug. In contrast to the standard model, this model vibrates very pleasantly. This device warms you up for further anal stimulation. In addition to foreplay, you can also use it during sex itself! The full stimulation of your anus makes every orgasm even more enjoyable and intense. Both beginners and advanced users can really enjoy our anal toys because each model stimulates you in a unique way!

Who is a vibrating anal plug suitable for?

We can recommend a vibrating anal plug to anyone who loves anal sex. There are many different models and sizes to choose from in our large range. Thanks to this large selection, you can easily find an intimate toy in your favorite size. The vibrations emitted by these sex toys make your anus more relaxed for further stimulation. Combine the toy with a lubricant that has an anesthetic effect and enjoy the stimulating vibrations.

How to use a vibrating butt plug?

First, apply a special anal lubricant to both your anus and the toy you want to stimulate yourself with. Especially if you are using a sex toy that is made of silicone material, it is highly recommended to use a water-based lubricant. Using silicone toys with silicone lubricant can cause violent reactions and damage the toy. As a result, you can no longer use it safely.

Get into a position that is comfortable for you with your knees at chest level. Then slowly slide your vibrating butt plug in.

What variants of a vibrating anal plug are there?

There are many different types you can choose from. Your choice depends on what feeling you want. In our wide range you will find, for example, anal plugs with a bumping function that imitate the movement of penetration. Satisfying or being satisfied is also possible from a distance. Some sex toys use a remote control or are controlled via a special app. For men, vibrating butt plugs that stimulate the prostate are preferred. Using these results in the most intense orgasms!

Where can I buy my vibrating anal plug?

You can order vibrating anal plugs discreetly from the erotic online specialist lifesextoy! Our extensive range is a true paradise for everyone who loves a healthy sex life with lots of fun. We offer the most modern and versatile sex toys for women, sex toys for men and sex toys for couples that you can enjoy both alone and together whenever you want. For comfortable use, order lubricant and toy cleaner to keep your sex toys clean. All items are delivered quickly and discreetly!