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Rabbit Vibrator With 10 Thrusting Vibrators

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Shock vibrators – with varied shocks to climax

A thrust vibrator is not an ordinary vibrator. Rather, a thrust vibrator makes the stimulation even more intense, more pleasurable and more realistic than ever before. Its secret: In addition to the classic vibration, the happy user is pampered by additional shocks. The thrusting imitates the penetration of the penis. Because you can choose between multiple levels of speeds and vibration, the shocks feel incredibly realistic!

But that's not all - you can't just insert thrust vibrators vaginally. They are also particularly suitable for anal stimulation. Shock vibrators are available in different designs, for example with grooves, waterproof or with a clitoral stimulation arm. Embark on an exciting journey of discovery and test your way through the different levels of powerful shocks.

Find your thrust vibrator rhythm

Unlike the traditional vibrator, which only vibrates, the thrust vibrator moves back and forth, mimicking the natural thrusting motion of sex. Because of the different speed levels and rhythms available at your fingertips, the thrusts feel even more intense and real. No matter what your preferences, you can choose between hard and gentle shocks and combine them with strong or light vibrations. The shaft of the vibrator is available in different sizes and designs. The material used is mostly silicone, which is skin-friendly and feels almost like real skin.
Speaking of real skin: For everyone who likes it natural, the shock vibrator is also available as a natural vibrator. This vibrating dildo not only mimics the thrusting movements of sex, but it also looks like a real penis with everything that goes with it. Even the glans and the light veins on the penis are reproduced in detail. This gives you even more of the feeling of real sex with every thrust. In addition, some sex toys, such as the Rabbit vibrators, have a clitoral stimulator that massages your clitoris and gives you incredible climaxes. Some vibrators are equipped with large grooves, which prepare the clitoris for the upcoming experience and gently surround it during penetration.
Another highlight: Shock vibrators are also available in waterproof versions. For example, you can also have discreet fun in the shower or bathtub with your rabbit vibrator. Or how about hot thrusts and additional rotation of the vibrator? With just the push of a button, your sex toy really gets going and pampers you with rotating and vibrating bursts of pleasure that will beam you into other spheres. To achieve even more intense and realistic feelings, we always recommend using a water-based lubricant.

Vibrator with thrust function – buy top brands at lifesextoy

Shock vibrators are excellent sex toys that impress not only with vibrations, but also with powerful thrusting movements. They are also available in waterproof versions, so that it can get really wet sometimes.

These vibrating, thrusting happiness makers bring you and/or your partner a little closer to climax with every thrust. Our products are also easy to clean, which is important for the hygiene and longevity of the toy. Order your sex toy discreetly in our online shop and look forward to unforgettable orgasms.