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Strapless Strapon – What is it?

A strapless dildo is an ingenious sex toy for fun for two. The strapless dildo does not use a harness, which some find annoying. The Strapless Strapon is a curved dildo with 2 ends. The woman inserts one end of the strapless dildo and pampers her partner with the other end. The strapless strapon is available in many different colors, shapes and sizes. The strapless dildo is also available with and without a vibration function. The shape of the strapless strapon is perfectly adapted to the female anatomy. This ensures a stable hold. At the end of the strapless dildo that the woman inserts, there is usually a clitoris. The other end of the strapless dildo is modeled on the penis. The sex toy is made of medical and skin-friendly materials such as silicone or TPE.

Strapless Strapon – How to use it?

If you decide to incorporate a strapless dildo into your lovemaking then you shouldn't forget the lubricant. This makes it flow even better. After you have oiled the strapless strapon well, you can get started. The woman who wants to be the wearer inserts the strapless strap-on into her vagina until the clitoris is on the clitoris. Give yourself enough time when introducing it – it should be fun. Once the strapless dildo fits perfectly and offers good support, it can begin. Also remember the lubricant for the other end. Now you can give your sex partner a good time. With the longer end of the strapless dildo you can penetrate your partner vaginally or anally. The double endings will delight both of you.

 Strapless Dildo – Why should you try it?

With a strapless strapon, couples bring more zest to their bedroom. It doesn't matter whether the constellation is woman/woman or woman/man. Because it's not just lesbian couples who feel the desire for proper penetration. A strapless dildo is also suitable for heterosexual couples. The man's prostate is always worth exploring. So there are no taboos for the strapless dildo. Anything that’s fun is allowed. And if you're fed up with classic sex with a dildo and want to get active yourself, you can't avoid a strapless strapon. The double ends of the strapless dildo offer a special kick. So both partners have equal fun. On top of that, the clitoris of the strapless strapon also offers satisfaction to the wearer's clitoris.

Strapless Strapon – How to clean and care for it?

Like every sex toy, the strapless dildo is also a hygiene item. Therefore, the strapless strapon should be cleaned properly after sex. You can use warm water and pH-neutral soap. Or you can clean the strapless dildo with a toy cleaner from our range. After cleaning, you should store the strapless dildo in a dry place. You should ensure that the strapless strapon does not come into contact with other toys made of TPE, silicone or ABS, otherwise unwanted discoloration may occur. If you follow these simple steps, your strapless dildo will be ready for the next use.

Strapless Dildo – What happens if you have questions?

As a German company, we stand for holistic service. We will advise you on choosing your strapless strapon and help you find the best product for you. After purchase, we will deliver your strapless dildo to you in neutral packaging usually within one day. If you are not satisfied with your product, you have the option of sending it back within 30 days. Our experienced employees are always open to your questions, suggestions and feedback. You can reach us via email, telephone, WhatApp etc. This all-encompassing service makes sex toys an experience.


A strapless dildo is a sex toy for couples without a harnessA strapless strapon is available in many sizes, colors and shapesThe strapless dildo pampers both partnersThere are no taboos – everything that is fun is allowedPerfect service around the product