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Mini 1.3lb Pocket Pussy Torso Masturbator

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How does an artificial vagina work?

The name leaves little to the imagination. An artificial vagina is a masturbator that looks very similar to a real vagina and vulva. If you want to take your sensual solo play to a new level, then an artificial vagina is the perfect sex toy for men! This masturbator gives men a penetration experience that is almost indistinguishable from real sex. Enjoy a beautiful feeling anywhere and anytime with an artificial vagina and treat yourself to an exciting solo session with this realistic masturbator between traditional hand masturbation and sex with your partner!

Do you have little or no experience with sex or do you climax (too) quickly? Then an artificial vagina can help you train your endurance and get used to the intense stimulation. With an artificial vagina or a masturbator from lifesextoy , you can optimally prepare yourself to postpone climax. Treat yourself to the pleasure and discover the world of artificial vaginas!

What is the best artificial vagina?

This question is difficult to answer because every man has different wishes and preferences. Luckily, the range of artificial vaginas is huge, so you're sure to find your perfect vagina. Men usually prefer a discreet and compact format. If you're one of them, then it's best to choose the pocket pussy. Simply hold it in your hand and enjoy the additional stimulation while masturbating! The Pocket Pussy is a skin-colored sex toy with the look and feel of a real vagina. Or you may prefer a more immersive experience or a larger, more visually demanding design. If you want real female curves, you'll surely find your new and best artificial vagina among our mega masturbators!

What should you pay attention to when using an artificial vagina?

Hygiene is very important when using any sex toy, especially if you are using an artificial vagina. In order to enjoy your artificial vagina as often and for as long as possible, regular and thorough cleaning is essential. Here you will find the cleaning product you need to thoroughly clean your artificial vagina and other sex toys.

Where can I buy an artificial vagina?

If there's a place where you can buy your new artificial vagina, it's at Lifesextoy! Increase your pleasure with lubricants from our shop and reach after the other by purchasing your new artificial vagina from the online store.