Realistic Masturbators are a type of sex toy designed for men that simulate the feeling of sexual intercourse with a real partner. These toys are typically made from high-quality materials that mimic the texture and feel of real skin and feature anatomically correct openings and internal structures.

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What is Realistic Masturbator?

A realistic masturbator refers to a masturbatory device designed to replicate the sensation of real female genitalia. It is a type of male sex toy that has evolved to simulate the experience of intercourse with a woman. These Masturbators strive for realism by incorporating features such as finely textured materials called "baby skin" and three-dimensional internal structures that mimic the contours of a vagina. The ongoing advancements in technology continue to push the boundaries of realism, to the point where these Masturbators can be considered to closely resemble actual female genitalia in terms of quality.

One of the key features of realistic Masturbators is the high level of satisfaction they provide by offering a pseudo-experience of sexual intercourse with a woman. Many users have reported experiencing intense pleasure and sometimes even prematurely ejaculating upon insertion. The lifelike appearance of these Masturbators, combined with the ability to provide sensations similar to those of a real vagina, allows for a simulated sexual experience that surpasses traditional manual masturbation. As a result, the excitement and pleasure leading up to orgasm are heightened, offering a highly satisfying form of self-pleasure.

The following are the general characteristics of realistic masturbators.

1. Realistic Look and Texture: realistic masturbators often recreate the look and feel of real human body parts (e.g. vagina, breasts). This provides a more immersive experience.
2. Flexibility and Insertion Depth: realistic masturbators are usually designed to be flexible, stretchable, and have a deep insertion depth. This allows users to have fun based on their preferred depth and location.
3. Internal structure and stimulation: The interior of the realistic masturbation device is equipped with various ribs, nodes, and concave and convex inequalities, which are designed to bring pleasure to the user. Depending on the product, the internal structure is also different, and you can choose according to your preferences.
4. Weight and Stability: realistic masturbators are often heavy and difficult to hold with normal hands. This makes it more stable for you to use.
5. Electrical Features: Some realistic masturbators have built-in electrical features, which may include vibration or piston motion. This provides a greater variety of stimulation.

How to Choose a Realistic Masturbator

Choosing by Appearance

If you want to experience a lifelike replica of female genitalia, opt for a realistic sculpted design. These types of masturbators are intricately crafted to resemble the real thing, with many molded from actual female models, including replicas inspired by famous adult actresses. Just imagine the excitement of knowing you're exploring the intimate contours of a real woman. While selecting based on appearance relies on intuition, it can also be enjoyable to confirm the model behind the design, adding an extra element of anticipation.

Enjoying Female Sensations

For those seeking a more authentic sensory experience, consider a soft and plump design. Thin masturbators may feel lacking and fail to provide the realistic sensation of contact with a woman's body, including the pubic bone and testicles. To ensure a fulfilling and lifelike encounter, choose a masturbator with ample thickness. The testicles, being one of the erogenous zones and typically hanging within approximately 50mm of the penis base, can be stimulated by a realistic masturbator with a diameter of at least 100mm. Opting for a masturbator with a diameter of 100mm or more significantly enhances the potential for enjoyment. However, be cautious with masturbators that have the insertion point located below the center, as they may not provide the necessary 50mm clearance to stimulate the testicles. For the ultimate experience, consider a stationary type that replicates the entire hip area.

Pursuing Realism: Masturbators with Pubic Hair

While many masturbators feature a smooth surface, it's important to note that not all women have completely hairless genitalia. In fact, most women have some amount of pubic hair. To fully embrace realism, there are masturbators available with pubic hair. Choosing a masturbator with pubic hair allows you to recreate the sensation of parting the hair and engaging in a truly authentic experience.

Selecting by Weight

If you desire a dynamic thrusting experience, opt for a heavier torso sex doll. The act of thrusting during sex creates a realistic sense of excitement that distinguishes it from masturbation. To satisfy this instinctual desire, choose a sex doll torso with substantial weight. With its stable and substantial presence, it will provide continuous stimulation without shifting during vigorous thrusting. The sensation will be akin to engaging in actual intercourse. For a genuinely realistic feel, a weight of at least 11lb is recommended. This is roughly equivalent to the weight of a woman's pelvis, which averages around 88LB for a slim figure. For those envisioning a typical female weight of 110-120LB, a masturbator weighing 13-15LB is ideal.

Even for handheld masturbators pocket pussy, weight is key

Pocket Pussy is often recommended for beginners due to its convenient storage. However, even with handheld models, weight remains a crucial factor when selecting a masturbator. A heavier pocket pussy allows for placement and enjoyment similar to stationary types. Additionally, it can be used while lying on your back, utilizing its weight to provide stimulation to the penis. If you prefer a pocket pussy that allows for thrusting, aim for a weight of at least 500g. To illustrate this, try lightly shaking a 500g bottle of drink. You'll notice that unless you shake it vigorously, it will stay relatively stable. In comparison, a weight of 250g is similar to the weight of an apple, making it easier to move around. To ensure a realistic experience, pay attention to the weight and select accordingly based on your desire for thrusting capabilities.