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10.6 Inch Black Silicone Realistic Dildo

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7.48″ Huge Realistic Squirting Dildo

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7.48″ Realistic Strap-on Dildo

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7.87″ Realistic Dildos

Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $69.99.

8.1-Inch Realistic Rainbow Dildo

Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $59.99.

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What is a Realistic Dildo?


A dildo is a sex toy specifically intended for vaginal or anal stimulation; the main focus of the dildo is on its ease of use. In contrast to a vibrator, a dildo does not require any electricity. The Realistic Dildo is characterized by the fact that it is modeled on its model - the penis - down to the smallest detail. Our realistic dildos have a veiny structure, a scrotum and a pronounced glans. We also make sure that the size remains realistic - dildos that have a size that goes beyond the realistic are listed separately and you can find these XXL dildos in the giant dildo category. Its realistic features, modeled on nature, make the realistic dildo what it is.
A realistic dildo.

Realistic dildo - this is how it is used

A realistic dildo can easily be confused with a real penis, after all, our dildos are extremely realistically shaped. Unfortunately, they lack a great feature that only a real penis has: it becomes a little moist and penetration is therefore easier. But don't worry, you can easily achieve this effect with a lubricant. A lubricant even has the advantage that you can portion it depending on how wet you like it. By the way, we recommend our water-based lubricant - it is very gentle on your skin and the material of your dildo. You can also use the lubricant for your other sex toys.

How do I clean my real dildo?

This is actually quite simple. To clean your realistic dildo, use soap and water. Clean your dildo just like you would clean your penis or vagina. You can also simply take it into the shower or bathtub. Clean your realistic dildo gently but thoroughly and then let it dry properly. You should not store it damp. To dry it, you can either let it air dry or rub it dry with a towel - just make sure that the towel doesn't leave any lint on the dildo. If you want to be on the safe side when cleaning, we recommend this special cleaner - you can use it to hygienically clean your dildo and other sex toys.

What should I pay attention to when buying a realistic dildo?

Since realistic dildos, in contrast to realistic vibrators, do not require any power supply, you have to pay particular attention to the shape when buying a realistic dildo. Which size and diameter you prefer is crucial here. In addition, the realistic dildos also differ in material. So this is also a point that you should pay attention to when buying. Some realistic dildos come with a suction cup - this is very advantageous if you want to attach your realistic dildo somewhere for lovemaking. If you are clear about which realistic dildo is right for you, then you can buy it without hesitation. Because at lifesextoy you buy with the greatest possible discretion. We consciously avoid using conspicuous shipping boxes - even the sender of our shipping boxes does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the contents. You can even make your purchase as discreetly as possible during the ordering process. You can simply have your order delivered to a packing station and you don't have to specify what you ordered when you pay.