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10 Vibration Modes Penis Ring

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10 Vibration Modes Penis Ring

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3 IN 1 Penis Ring Clitoral Vibrator

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3 in 1 Vibrating Penis Rings

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4 in 1 Penis Ring Vibrator

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Newly Cock Ring for Men Erection Silicone

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Rechargeable Vibrating 10 Modes Penis Ring

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Ultra Soft Stretchy Silicone Penis Rings

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Cock rings: the most important information at a glance

Cock rings are popular sex toys used to enhance erections and enable longer, harder erections. They are placed around the base of the erect member and apply pressure to the erogenous zone to provide additional stimulation. There are different variations of cock rings that can be selected depending on your preferences and needs.

Cock rings are available in a variety of materials, including medical-grade silicone, soft plastic, and even leather. The different materials offer different sensations and can be selected depending on personal preference. Some cock rings also come with vibration to further increase stimulation.

When buying a cock ring, it is important to choose the right size. There are different sizes available to ensure the ring fits comfortably and is not too tight or too loose. A stretchy material is also important to ensure comfort.


Sexual stimulation plays an important role in any relationship and can improve the intimate experience for both partners. There are many ways to increase sexual stimulation for couples and discover new dimensions of pleasure.

A simple way to intensify sexual stimulation is to use sex toys such as vibrators, dildos or love balls and even cock rings. These toys can make foreplay more exciting and allow both partners to experience new sensations.

Communication is also crucial to improving sexual stimulation for couples. Open conversations about preferences, fantasies and needs can help both partners better respond to each other's individual wishes. This can lead to greater intimacy and deeper understanding, which in turn improves sexual stimulation.


Cock rings as intimate jewelry can be a sensual addition to your love life. They are often made from luxurious materials such as stainless steel, silver or leather and can add stylish accents. These rings can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, supporting erection and increasing sexual pleasure. The selection of designs and styles allows the cock ring to be used as a personal statement and erotic accessory.


When putting on a cock ring, it is placed around the base of the penis or the slightly erect penis. Cock rings are available in different sizes and materials to suit individual needs.

A cock ring works by affecting blood flow in the penis. The tight fit of the ring reduces the outflow of blood from the penis while at the same time increasing the inflow of blood. This can lead to a harder and longer lasting erection. Lubricant can help beginners slide the ring over the penis more easily.

It is important to note that cock rings should not be worn for longer than 45 to 60 minutes to avoid restricting blood flow too much. After use, they should be cleaned thoroughly with warm water and soap.

Putting on a cock ring can increase sexual pleasure for both the wearer and the partner. The improved blood circulation means that the touch can be perceived more intensely. Cock rings can also help men with erectile dysfunction by keeping erections longer.


Cock rings are made of different materials that can be selected depending on preferences and comfort. The most popular options are stretchy materials like rubber or latex that adapt to different penis sizes. One example is the Durex Pleasure Ring, which provides additional stimulation during intercourse.

Some prefer more natural materials like wood, even though they don't stretch. Wooden rings offer a unique aesthetic and are often handmade, making them a choice for those sensitive to synthetic materials. An example is the shaped cock ring made from exotic woods.

Glass can be a luxurious option for those looking for a special look and feel. Glass cock rings are smooth, hypoallergenic and can be heated or cooled to the desired temperature. One example is the transparent cock ring made of high-quality borosilicate glass.

Metal is another popular material for cock rings. Metal rings are durable, strong and available in a variety of variations, including polished stainless steel or elegant brass and silver models.

Choosing the material for a cock ring depends on personal preferences and needs, as each material offers its own unique properties and can enrich the sexual experience.


When it comes to cock rings, the correct size is crucial to ensure a comfortable fit and maximum effectiveness. But how do you find the right size?

There is an easy way to determine the optimal size. Measure the circumference of your erect member with a flexible tape measure. Then divide this value by Pi to calculate the diameter. By determining the correct diameter of your penis, you can ensure that the cock ring is tight enough to allow for a harder and longer erection, but not so tight that it becomes uncomfortable. There are different sizes of cock rings on the market that adapt to different penis sizes. Some cock rings are even adjustable or stretchable to ensure a perfect fit.

There is nothing worse than wearing a cock ring that is too small or too large and is uncomfortable or impairs its effectiveness. By determining the right size, you can ensure you get the most out of your cock ring and provide additional stimulation for you and your partner. So measure your circumference, calculate the diameter and choose the right cock ring for you.

Cock rings for couples and singles - large selection of models

The selection of cock rings is diverse and offers different options and materials to suit individual preferences. Some cock rings are equipped with vibration motors to stimulate erogenous zones and increase sexual pleasure.


A classic cock ring is a popular sex toy for men that supports erections. It is placed around the base of the penis to provide a harder and longer erection by increasing blood flow. Classic cock rings made of soft silicone are comfortable to wear and can be easily stretched. Some models offer additional surface structures such as knobs or grooves for stimulation. They are affordable and can be used individually or in combination with other rings to achieve different stimulation effects. A classic cock ring is a versatile sex toy that can increase pleasure for both the wearer and the partner.


A penis loop is a flexible option that fits men with different needs. Unlike traditional cock rings, it is adjustable and offers a custom fit for maximum comfort and effect. You can tighten or loosen the loop as needed to adjust the pressure on the penis. This flexible material, usually silicone or soft plastic, feels pleasant and does not affect wearing comfort.

Suitable for beginners and experienced users, the adjustable penis loop can improve erection and provide additional stimulation for both partners. If you are looking for a customizable and effective solution to improve your sexual experience, the penis loop can be an excellent choice.


A vibrating cock ring can give your sex life an exciting boost. This type of cock ring is equipped with vibration functions that can provide intense stimulation to both you and your partner. The vibrations not only increase erogenous sensations but also help maintain a harder and longer erection.

There are various variants of cock rings with vibration that you can choose from. Different sizes, materials and vibration levels are available so you can find the perfect model for your needs. Some even offer different vibration patterns and speeds for a variety of sensations.

The application is simple: place the ring tightly but comfortably around your erect penis, turn on the vibrations and enjoy the sensual sensations. This stimulation can arouse both you and your partner as it reaches sensitive areas like the clitoris or perineum.

A cock ring with vibration is an exciting addition to your love life and can bring you pleasure both alone and as a couple. Discover the extra stimulation and excitement it can provide to take your sexual pleasure to new levels.


A cock ring with an additional prostate vibrator, often referred to as a "C-ring" or "cock ring" with prostate stimulator, is a sex toy for men designed to simultaneously stimulate the erection and the prostate. Here's how it works:

The cock ring: The cock ring is a flexible, often stretchy band or loop that is placed around the base of the penis when the penis is erect. The ring applies gentle pressure to the base of the penis, slowing blood flow. This can help maintain a harder and longer lasting erection by keeping blood in the penis.The prostate stimulator: The prostate stimulator is a part of the ring that protrudes outward and is shaped to stimulate the prostate, which is located about 5 to 7.5 cm inside the anus. The prostate is a highly sensitive gland that is often referred to as the man's "P-spot" and can trigger feelings of sexual pleasure when stimulated.Vibration and stimulation: Many prostate stimulator cock rings come with built-in vibration functions. These vibrations can stimulate both the penis and prostate, providing intense sexual pleasure. Some models also offer different vibration patterns and speeds to vary the stimulation.Usage: To use a prostate stimulator cock ring, the ring is placed around the erect penis while the prostate stimulator faces outward and is inserted into the anus to stimulate the prostate. It is important to use enough lubricant to ease application and avoid friction or discomfort.

This is how you find the right cock ring

Finding the right cock ring can be challenging as there are many different sizes, materials and functions. However, the right cock ring can make a big difference in comfort, performance and stimulation. Here are some tips to find the right cock ring for you:

1. Measure your size: It is important to know the size of your erect penis in order to choose the right cock ring. Use a flexible tape measure and measure the circumference of your erect member at the base. This measurement will help you determine the correct size of cock ring so that it fits comfortably and effectively.

2. Choose material: Cock rings are available in different materials such as silicone, TPR, metal or leather. Each material offers different advantages. Silicone and TPR rings are soft and stretchy, providing a comfortable fit and greater flexibility. Metal rings can offer greater weight and stronger construction. Leather rings often have a traditional and masculine look. Choose the material that best suits your preferences and needs.

3. Consider functions: Think about which functions you want from your cock ring. There are classic cock rings without additional stimulation, but also vibrating rings that can offer additional vibrations. Some rings have textured surfaces or special shapes that can provide additional stimulation for you and your partner. Think about what type of stimulation appeals to you most and choose accordingly.

4. Trying is better than studying: It can be helpful to try out different cock rings to find out which model suits you best. We also offer cock ring sets with different sizes to find the perfect fit. Take time to test different models and find out which ring is most comfortable for you and achieves the desired effect.

With these tips you can find the right cock ring that meets your needs and preferences. Remember that it is important to pay attention to your own comfort and safety needs and to choose high quality products. A well-chosen cock ring can contribute to longer and more intense erections, additional stimulation and an improved sex life.

This might also interest you

In addition to the penis ring or cock ring, there are related products that work similarly but are specialized in other areas.


A testicle vibrator is a sex toy that is used to surround and vibrate the testicles. It usually consists of a ring-shaped, often stretchy material that is placed around the base of the testicle to serve various purposes. Here's how a testicle ring works:

Massage through vibration: The main purpose of a testicle ring is to stimulate the crown jewels through vibration. Thanks to the special shape, the vibrations are then passed on directly to the testicles. This can lead to a unique sensation experience and increase sexual arousal.

Intensifying Orgasms: The additional stimulation of the testicles from a testicular vibrator can increase the sensations during orgasm.

Sexual Arousal: Pressure stimulation around the testicles can increase sexual arousal. This can help the wearer or their partner become more aroused.

Testicular vibrators are available in various sizes, materials and designs to suit individual preferences and needs.


A glans ring, also known as a penis head ring or glans ring, is a sex toy used to surround and stimulate the glans of the penis. Here's how a glans ring works:

Glans stimulation: The main purpose of a glans ring is to stimulate the glans of the penis. The ring is slipped over the tip of the erect penis so that it fits snugly against the glans. The pressure and friction of the ring on the glans can create additional sexual sensations.Delaying Ejaculation: A glans ring can help delay ejaculation by slowing blood flow from the glans. This can help the man last longer in intercourse before ejaculation occurs.Intensifying Orgasm: Some people use glans rings to increase the intensity of their orgasm. The stimulation of the glans by the ring can make the orgasm more intense.Improving erection: The pressure of the ring on the glans can also help improve erection and maintain a harder erection.

Here too, be sure to pay attention to the size for a comfortable, enjoyable fit.


The penis sleeve is an innovative sex toy designed to provide all-round pampering. It is pulled over the erect penis and offers a variety of benefits and exciting experiences for both the wearer and the partner.

One of the main functions of the penis sleeve is to enlarge the penis, making it appear larger and more voluminous, which leads to increased self-confidence and a more intense sexual experience. The penis sleeve is usually made of soft and stretchy material such as silicone or TPR, which makes it comfortable to wear. The material adapts well to the penis and offers a secure and comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the penis sleeve provides stimulation, often with various structures, nubs, grooves or vibrations that can provide additional arousal for the wearer and the partner. These textures can stimulate erogenous zones and create unforgettable sensations for both. The penile sheath can also help maintain an erection longer by restricting blood flow to the penis. This can lead to more intense and satisfying sexual intercourse.

However, it is important to take precautions when using a penis sleeve, such as the correct size and the quality of the material, to avoid discomfort or pain.

Have you found a suitable cock ring but still have questions? No problem, our customer support will be happy to answer all your questions. No matter whether it's about the product itself, our discreet shipping or secure payment; We want to make your shopping experience as uncomplicated and easy as possible.