Are you single or do you want to experiment with your partner? For both couples and men who want to experience something new on their own, Lifesextoy offers different types of masturbators made from different materials. Some are intended for one-time use, while others you can enjoy as often and for as long as you like. Plus, you can also choose from automatic models, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy! Read below to find out which of our different types of masturbators suits you best. Or to you and your partner of course!

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The World of Masturbators: More Than Just Self-Pleasure

What is a masturbator?

With the large range of sex toys, you ask yourself: What actually is a masturbator? A masturbator is a sex toy for men that serves as a masturbation aid and makes masturbation more exciting. Every man reaches orgasm in different ways. While some men find it very easy to reach orgasm, other men need more time. If you are looking for variety when masturbating, a masturbator is ideal.

What are the different types of Male Masturbator?

There is a wide variety of masturbators available on the market, specifically designed for male stimulation. Each type offers a unique experience and caters to different needs.

1.Non-vibrating masturbators

A popular choice for men who prefer simple and natural stimulation is non-vibrating masturbators. These masturbators feature a realistic inner structure that resembles a vagina or anus, providing an incredibly lifelike experience. They come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate individual preferences.

A classic among masturbators is the pocket pussy or some cup masturbators. They have a cylindrical shape, measuring around 15 to 25 cm in length, and are made of high-quality, skin-like material that feels enjoyable to the touch. The pleasure tunnel offers different stimulation options with textured surfaces such as nubs, ridges, or smooth textures, mimicking intercourse or oral sex and providing a realistic experience.

The advantages of a pocket pussy lie in its easy application and adaptability to individual preferences. They allow for discreet and convenient stimulation anywhere and are easy to clean. A potential drawback could be that some men prefer stronger stimulation through vibration or suction, which pocket pussies do not provide. The length of 15 to 25 cm might not be sufficient for some men. However, overall, pocket pussies offer a straightforward and reliable means of self-pleasure. With different textures and lengths, men can find the stimulation that suits them and enjoy a satisfying experience.

2.Automatic masturbator

An automatic masturbator differs from traditional pocket pussies. This innovative, electric variant offers powerful and automated stimulation, perfect for men seeking an intense and hands-free experience. The main advantage of an automatic masturbator lies in its impressive stimulation. With various speeds and vibration modes, it provides deep and intense stimulation, delivering unforgettable pleasure and allowing one to fully focus on the sensual experience.

Automatic masturbators often feature adjustable pressure and suction functions to ensure personalized stimulation. Some models are even equipped with additional features like a heating function or an exceptionally realistic design to enhance the authenticity of the experience. Despite these benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks when using an automatic masturbator. Some men may require some time to adjust to the automated stimulation. Additionally, automatic masturbators are typically somewhat more expensive than conventional masturbation aids.

3.Realistic Masturbators

A wide range of realistic masturbators is available to cater to individual preferences and needs. Here are some of the different types of Realistic masturbators to choose from:

Torso Sex Dolls: These seductive options mimic the upper body of a person and offer both manual and electric features such as vibration, suction, and moaning functions. They provide intense pleasure and personalized stimulation with their realistic anatomy and skin-like texture.

Butt or breast-shaped masturbators: These models focus on specific body parts and offer unique sensations. They allow for exploring individual fantasies and enjoying varied stimulation.

Sex dolls: For those seeking an even more realistic experience, sex dolls could be an option. These life-sized dolls provide a comprehensive, human-like experience. They can be customized to meet personal preferences and offer a diverse range of stimulation options.

Regardless of the variant chosen, Realistic masturbators provide a sensual and satisfying option for pleasure seekers. Each type offers a unique experience and allows for exploring and enjoying sexual stimulation in an individual way.

4.Blowjob masturbators

Blowjob masturbators are typically shaped like a mouth or have a sleeve with textured surfaces inside that simulate the feeling of lips, tongue, and throat during a blowjob.

Blowjob masturbators often feature a motorized mechanism that creates suction and stroking motions to enhance the simulation. Some models may also include vibration or different speed settings to provide additional stimulation. They are usually made from soft, body-safe materials that feel realistic to the touch.

To use a blowjob masturbator, the user applies lubricant to the penis and inserts it into the toy. The textured inner surfaces and the motorized functions create a pleasurable sucking and stroking sensation, imitating the sensations of oral sex.

ModelPocket PussyAutomatischer MasturbatorRealistic ButtTorso Sex DollAvailable asnon-electric, electricelectricnon-electric, electricnon-electric, electricPrice rangelow - medium pricedmedium pricedmedium pricedmedium-priced to high-pricedSizesmallsmallmedium to largemedium to largeOptics

Which male masturbator is right for me?

Self-pleasure is a natural and healthy way to fulfill sexual needs and get to know your body better. Masturbators are popular tools that can provide an additional dimension of pleasure. However, when selecting the right masturbator, there are some important considerations. Here are some factors that can help you in making a decision:

Size: The size of the masturbator should correspond to your penis size to ensure a comfortable and effective stimulation. A masturbator that is too tight can be uncomfortable and may not fully accommodate your penis. On the other hand, a masturbator that is too loose may not provide enough tightness for the desired stimulation. Check the product description to ensure that the size meets your requirements.

Material: Masturbators are available in various materials, including silicone, rubber, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and more. Silicone is soft, lifelike, and hypoallergenic. TPE is also soft and lifelike but may be more prone to skin allergies. Rubber can be a more cost-effective option, but it is less durable and may feel less realistic. Choose the material that feels comfortable for you and does not trigger any allergic reactions.

Desired orifice: Consider whether you prefer a vaginal or anal opening, or if you might want a combination of both. Some masturbators offer interchangeable inserts that mimic different orifices, allowing you to have versatile experiences.

Manual or hands-free operation: If you prefer hands-free use, look for masturbators that have special holders or suction cups. These can be attached to smooth surfaces like shower walls or floors to enable a hands-free experience.

Cleaning: Proper cleaning of your masturbator is crucial to prevent the buildup of germs and bacteria. Ensure that the masturbator is easy to disassemble and clean. Most masturbators can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. You can also use specialized toy cleaners to ensure that all germs are eliminated.

Masturbators without and with motors:

Masturbators without motors:

This type of masturbator requires manual operation and is perfect for those who want to maintain control over their stimulation. They are typically easy to use and do not require any additional technology. The texture inside the masturbator provides stimulation during manual operation.

Full control over intensity and speed.
No reliance on batteries or charging.
Easy to clean.

Requires physical effort.
Lacks additional features like vibration or suction.

Masturbators without and with motors

Masturbators with motors:

These masturbators are equipped with a built-in motor that can provide various stimulation patterns and speeds. They are ideal for those who desire automated and diverse stimulation.

Automated stimulation with less effort.
Diverse stimulation patterns and speeds.
Some models offer additional features like warmth, vibration, and suction.

Dependent on batteries or charging.
More complex cleaning due to the electronics.

The choice between a masturbator without or with a motor depends on your personal preferences and needs. A manual masturbator offers maximum control, while a motorized male masturbator provides additional features and versatility.

How to use and care for your masturbator correctly

To get the most out of your masturbator and keep it in good condition for a long time, it's important to follow some tips and maintenance guidelines.

Cleaning: After each use, thoroughly clean your masturbator. Use warm water and mild soap to remove any residue. Make sure to rinse it well and dry it thoroughly before storing.

Storage: Store your male masturbator in a cool, dry place to prevent mold formation or bacterial growth. Avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat.

Lubricant: Choosing the right lubricant is crucial. For silicone masturbators, use only water-based lubricants as other types of lubricants can damage the material. Masturbators made of other materials like TPE or rubber are less sensitive and can be used with various lubricants.

Temperature: To achieve a particularly realistic feeling, you can slightly warm up your masturbator before use by placing it in warm water. However, ensure that the temperature is comfortable to avoid burns. For torso masturbators, you can also use a heating rod to bring the interior to a lifelike temperature.

Which lubricant to use for your masturbator?

The choice of lubricant depends on the material of your masturbator:

Silicone masturbators: Use only water-based lubricants as silicone-based lubricants can damage the material.

TPE masturbators: You can use both water-based and silicone-based lubricants.

Rubber masturbators: These are generally less sensitive and can be used with various lubricants.

Tips for more variety:

To make your experience with a masturbator more varied, you can try different techniques to vary the stimulation. Change the speed, pressure, and direction of movement to find what you enjoy the most. Experiment with different fantasies and scenarios to make your masturbation sessions more exciting.

Fun with condoms:

Using a condom with your masturbator can make cleaning easier and prolong the longevity of the toy. It also allows you to use different lubricants without worrying about compatibility. Remember to use a condom that fits your masturbator well to ensure an optimal experience.

How to clean a masturbator?

Pocket Pussies:

After use, thoroughly rinse the pocket pussy with warm water to remove excess lubricant or bodily fluids.
Use mild soap or a specialized masturbator cleaner and gently clean the inner and outer surfaces with your fingers or a soft cloth.
Rinse the masturbator again thoroughly and dry it completely. You can use a lint-free towel or air drying to remove moisture.
Dust the masturbator with a specialized masturbator powder or water-based lubricant powder to maintain the material and keep it soft.
Store the realistic masturbator in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight or heat to prevent damage.

Torso Sex Doll:

Cleaning a torso Sex Doll is similar to cleaning a pocket pussy. Thoroughly rinse it with warm water and use mild soap or a specialized masturbator cleaner.
Follow the specific care instructions for the material of your torso masturbator, whether it's silicone, TPE, or another material. Some may require special cleaning agents or care products.
Dry the torso masturbator completely and apply masturbator powder to maintain the material in good condition.
Store the torso masturbator in an appropriate location to prevent deformation or damage.

Automatic/Electric Masturbators:

Disconnect the masturbator from the power source or remove the battery before starting the cleaning process.
Clean the outer housing of the masturbator with a damp cloth and mild detergent, making sure no liquids enter the electrical parts.
Remove the inner masturbator according to the manufacturer's instructions and clean it as described above for pocket pussies or torsos.
If your automatic masturbator has detachable parts (e.g., sleeves or inserts), remove them and clean them separately.
Thoroughly dry all parts before reassembling or using the masturbator.
Store the masturbator in a safe place to prevent damage.

Suction Function Torso Sex Doll:

Clean the torso masturbator following the instructions mentioned above.
Fill the hose with warm water and attach it to the suction port of the masturbator.
Activate the suction function so that water flows through the masturbator, removing any residue.
Thoroughly rinse the masturbator and the hose with water to ensure no soap residue remains.
Completely dry all parts before reassembling or storing the masturbator.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your masturbator are crucial to ensure its longevity and hygienic usability. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and instructions for the specific cleaning of your model.


Lubricant is important to prevent friction and discomfort during masturbation. It makes the experience more enjoyable and can help protect the masturbator’s material. Only use water-based lubricant, as other lubricants can damage the material.

It depends on. If you use masturbators with good care, you can definitely use them for a long time. Simply wash and dry them before and after use. If you have a high quality masturbator, such as made of premium material, then it will be resistant to wear and tear. In fact, it will probably last longer than many years. Other toys that feel even more realistic than silicone will eventually need to be replaced. Most of these masturbators for men come with replaceable cases, so if you need to buy a new one every year or two, that’s not a big problem – it’s not like you have to replace the whole device. But again, you have to be comfortable with it no matter what you decide.

To sum up: If you want to extend their lifespan, you should use them carefully. But maybe you find it boring after long time use. But don’t worry, you can store them and use them again after some time.

Store your male masturbator in a clean, dry and discreet place to avoid contamination and damage. Use a storage bag or original packaging as necessary to protect it from dust and light. Keep it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to keep the material intact.

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to use their sex toys whether they are single or married. Sex toys have many benefits, for example they help us ejaculate, improve our sex life and make our sexual relationship more harmonious. There is no reason to worry when considering your sex toys. But remember, you need to use sex toys, like male masturbators, at an appropriate frequency. You cannot use them all the time, that is, if ejaculation is too frequent then it will harm your body.