A masturbator can give the feeling of penetration, a blow job, a hand job, and more. It can take you through the world of pure pleasure and gives you a pleasant sensation. They are available as manual or automatic models. Lifesextoy offers an unbeatable variety of masturbators and other accessories.

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results

Male masturbators can help males and women with penises to get the most sexy orgasms they can get in their free time from sexual sex. There are a variety of male masturbators that provide different kinds of sexual stimulation.

Handheld Male Masturbators

It is possible to keep it in one place or place it with your hands while shifting it upwards and downwards your penis.
These are usually shells, hollow tunnels that have high-quality interiors that stimulate your penis while you move it through your shaft.

Male Automatic Masturbator

The male masturbator that is automatic won’t make your hands feel numb. If you’re looking for effortless sex that is hands-free and sex that is hands-free, then the hands-free automatic male masturbator is definitely the most effective male masturbation device in life.

Pocket Pussies

The pocket pussy is getting some attention lately. The shape is similar to a vagina, the pocket pussy is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some of them are so realistic, you could easily be forgiven when, during the height of your ejaculation, you believe that it’s a real human pussy.

Realistic Butts

If you’re a fan of butts, then go for the adult sex pocket toy for males! They’re similar to their companions the pocket pussies. They’re specifically designed to look like butts designed for men, especially in the event that you’re a victim of more by the sexy ladies.