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What is a bullet vibrator?

A bullet vibrator - also called a bullet vibrator, is a small, compact vibrator that is shaped similarly to a cartridge bullet, which is where its name comes from. A bullet vibrator impresses with its compact design and handy weight and still has convincing performance and vibrates pleasantly strongly.

What functions does a bullet vibrator have?

Basically all bullet vibrators have the same functions. They vibrate all over the vibrator. You can adjust the vibration strength and, depending on the model, the vibration pattern using the rotary wheel at the bottom of the bullet vibrator. The vibration settings are infinitely possible. Some bullet vibrators are battery operated - you can replace them at any time, alternatively there are bullet vibrators with batteries, so you can charge them at any time.

What should I pay attention to when buying a bullet vibrator?

The most important thing is whether your bullet vibrator should be operated by battery or rechargeable battery. A battery-operated bullet vibrator usually has a little more power than one that runs on batteries. For proper pleasure, it is always advisable to buy some lubricant.