Automatic male masturbators take the hand-free stroking experience to a new level. They allow your hands to be free so that you can concentrate on different areas of your body, which ultimately enhances the quality of your sensations.

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10 Thrusting Rotating Masturbation Cup

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Automatic Blowjob Sex Machine Male Masturbator

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Best Automatic Masturbators

What is an automatic masturbator?

An automatic masturbator is a revolutionary sex toy designed specifically for men to enhance their solo pleasure. This innovative device offers a unique and incredibly pleasurable experience that surpasses what any human being can provide. It is no wonder that every man should consider having an automatic masturbator in their bedroom, as it opens up a world of unparalleled pleasure and exploration.

These innovative toys come in various designs, each catering to different preferences and desires. The core concept remains the same: insert your penis into the masturbator, and let it do the work for you. Many models are designed to simulate the familiar up and down movement, mimicking the sensations of intercourse. However, the possibilities don't end there. Some automatic masturbators incorporate additional features such as air pressure, vibrations, rotations, and pulsations, ensuring that every session is a unique and thrilling experience. By introducing an automatic masturbator into your routine, you can effortlessly add variety and excitement to your self-pleasure sessions.

Not only are automatic masturbators perfect for solo play, but they can also be a delightful addition to intimate moments with a partner. These devices can complement handjobs or blowjobs, elevating the pleasure and intensity of the experience for both partners. The versatility and adaptability of automatic masturbators make them a versatile tool for couples looking to explore new realms of pleasure together.

One of the significant advantages of automatic masturbators is their adjustable intensity and speed settings. This allows you to easily customize your experience and quickly find the perfect level of stimulation that brings you to climax effortlessly and with immense pleasure. With an automatic masturbator, you can let go of any manual effort and fully immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful feelings in the world - the pure bliss of sexual pleasure.

It is important to note that while automatic masturbators can be a source of incredible pleasure and exploration, it is essential to use them responsibly and prioritize your own comfort and safety. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and ensure proper hygiene to maintain a healthy and enjoyable experience. Remember, self-love and exploration are natural and beautiful aspects of human sexuality, and automatic masturbators can be a tool to enhance and embrace that journey of self-discovery.


Which Lifesextoy automatic masturbators are there?

The selection is big! This label offers many different types of automatic masturbators and if versatility is the key word in your search for the ultimate pleasure, then you've come to the right place. Discover all the automatic lifesex toy masturbators that will take you to seventh heaven here!

Automatic masturbators are real classics! An automatic masturbator from Lifesextoy brings you to the climax you long for with its pleasant vibrations.

Automatic rotating masturbators are equipped with nubs and beads on the inside that stimulate and massage the penis and ultimately bring you to climax. With a little lube you can enjoy the wonderful stimulation this model has to offer!

A automatic pulsating masturbator or thrusting masturbator does all the work you normally do when you jerk off. With this model you literally don't have to do anything yourself! It moves up and down and has three fine rotation speeds. It feels like a top-class blowjob and gives masturbation a whole new dimension!

What does an automatic masturbator do?

The Automatic Male Masturbators Cup with 10 Vibration Modes automatic masturbator is a very special model that massages your entire penis. It takes you from the enjoyable and promising initial phase to the longed-for and explosive ecstasy! Maybe the strobe masturbator goes even further, but to be honest there are no words that can truly describe this feeling. With six different settings, three speeds and up and down movements, it is an automatic masturbator that stimulates your penis from top to bottom! The question here is how long you can keep it all up! With a little lubricant that you apply to the automatic masturbator, your pleasurable adventure can begin!

Where to buy an automatic masturbator?

If you choose a lifesextoy automatic masturbator, you will be happier in every way. Here you will find a wide range of options with which you can make every fantasy come true, no matter how unusual. With an automatic masturbator, all your dreams will come true. When purchasing your new masturbator, don't forget to order a toy cleaner. This way, your automatic masturbator will give you a lot of pleasure and pleasure for a long time!