Automatic Masturbators

Automatic male masturbators take the hand-free stroking experience to a new level. They allow your hands to be free so that you can concentrate on different areas of your body, which ultimately enhances the quality of your sensations.

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Showing 1–12 of 30 results

Automatic male masturbators are a type of masturbation cup. These masturbation cups have a container that houses a sleeve made from soft material, usually silicone.

The sleeve itself has a hole on one end where your penis goes into. If you’ve seen a breeding mount on a farm, that’s basically the idea, only smaller and more handheld.

Now, normally, in order to use masturbation cups, also called masturbation sleeves or masturbators, you’ll need to pump them manually over your tool.

Of course, this basically means it’s no different from using your hands to do your business.

What makes automatic masturbators special, however, is that a machine inside the cup does the pumping for you. This effectively makes automatic masturbators a hands-free sex toy.

You will still need to hold the cup in place, but the movements needed to help you reach orgasm are done by the automatic masturbator.

Aside from the automatic movements, some automatic masturbators also produce vibrations for extra stimulation.

Thrusting Masturbator – The basic type of automatic masturbator. These ones move the sleeve in and out of the container with the help of a motor inside the cup itself. Basically, you can just hold the cup in place, and the sleeve will be the one stroking your penis for you.

Rotating Masturbator – An automatic masturbator that does a rotating motion instead of, or alongside, the thrusting motion we mentioned before. This adds an extra dimension to the stimulation you get when using your masturbator.

Miniature Cup – If you want a lighter, more portable and discrete option There are mini cups to choose from. They look like tiny camera lenses or speakers from the outside. Due to their small size they are confined to stimulating only the top of the penis. However, some models are able to extend out a bit further.

Suction Type Masturbator – Another kind of automatic masturbator, this one creates a suction movement. It accomplishes this by creating a vacuum inside itself that replicates what it’s like to get your penis pulled. They basically replicate the same sensations that you would experience from blowjobs.

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  • Use Plenty of Lubes

First of all, make sure your masturbation cup is properly lubricated. Most masturbators nowadays have a textured cavity inside the sleeve.

The sensation you get from this texturing is amazing, but if you’re not using enough lube, then it’s going to be very uncomfortable when you start pumping.

If you’ve felt how wet a vagina could get, then that is the level of lubrication you’re trying to aim for. Otherwise, if you feel any discomfort from your automatic masturbator, try adding more lube.

  • Avoid Using Silicone-based Lubricants

Another aspect to think about is the kind of lubricant you’re making use of. Because the majority of masturbation cup sleeves are made of silicone or other materials made from silicone, it is not possible to make use of silicone-based lubricants.

Silicone reacts negatively with other silicone products, so bear this in your thoughts. It is better to utilize a water-based lubricant or an oil-based grease.